A bank wants to know the money it lends is going to be safe. True right!

After all it has shareholders, customers and account holders it has to answer to.

The main piece of collateral a bank relies on to prove your desirability as a safe bet is a robust business plan.

The trouble is, for many entrepreneurs and small business owners, a business plan is a mind-numbing, often confusing and boring document to have to put together.

Entrepreneurs would much rather work on and in the business itself rather than produce the pieces of paper which make up a business plan.

After all, putting a business plan together takes them away from getting the enterprise up and running. However, banks want to know important elements such as:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Research and development
  • Value proposition
  • and a host of other business components.

That’s exactly why the Bizezi app has been created.

It’s an easy to use, easy to fill out template that logically fills in all the required areas a bank wants to know you’ve properly thought about.

Bizezi takes away numerous components of frustration and stress for the business owner.

Bizezi is a bridge between a bank and entrepreneur which helps the small business owner or entrepreneur present it’s business plan in a strong fundamental way, and provides your potential lender with the information they need.

Bizezi is a fun, informative and reflective way to provide a bank with the reassurance they need to back your business.

We call it the ultimate business plan hack for a good reason. Access it today, and give yourself the best tool to make your ‘money discussion’ that much easier.