Surprisingly this blog is more about bringing some sanity to this festive season than it is about promoting our Bizezi app.

For businesses it can be the busiest time of the year and yet it is also a time to acknowledge their staff, clients, customers and the many families, including their own, that support them to be in business. Irrespective of faith, many countries will be given statutory holidays. How this time is used is always an individual choice.

In so many ways Christmas has become a very commercial venture. The result of this commercialisation can lead to increased levels of family and business debt. It is also a time of much stress and that stress can be unsupportive for the mental wellness of the business owner; and can be reflected in unhelpful behaviours impacting the very people the business depends on.

This blog is about taking time out to find peaceful moments within the business of this festive season and to also make a difference in the lives of others.

We would love you to be a business owner that will take moments of time to recharge your batteries. A business owner that will take some time out to think about the gift of giving and to find ‘moments of wonder’ at this special time of the year. A moment of wonder might happen watching the joy on someone else’s face when they get an unexpected present this festive season.

This time of the year is unique in so many ways. For many in the community there will be those who will feel the loneliness and perhaps their homelessness and hopelessness even more.

The gift of giving can happen in so many ways. Perhaps we can make a difference to those who will be less fortunate at this time of the year. There will be those who will experience so much stress at this time of the year that their mental wellness may hit lows that are life threatening.

Sometimes the gift can be as simple as reaching out to see what we can do to be there for someone else and importantly, perhaps, just to listen.

Traditionally Christmas is seen as a time of peace. It is this peace that we wish for all. Our biggest wish is that individually we will find one thing that we can do to make a memorable difference in the life of at least one other person and that might be the person that you have never met. Bringing peace to another can, as a consequence, bring peace to ourselves.We believe this is a heart-warming gift we can all give this festive time.

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