A business plan does have real relevance in the business world… but in truth it has its place and time…

Often when asking for funding either through an Angel Network or a bank as examples, the need from their perspective is clear… do you have a plan? If you do, what will it tell them about you and your business?

Will it breed confidence to the extent they’ll review your ‘risk profile’ in favour of supporting your business objectives.

For an early stage start-up or even a business that is ready to scale, often this part of the equation (the business plan) misses the point most needed by the entrepreneur… understanding their business model… and utilising that intel to support and strengthen their plan.

In the entrepreneur world we have to be grateful for Alexander Osterwalder and Strategyzer.com for the design and influence of their business model canvas.

Imagine if that effort was gamified. In other words, creating the business plan is often seen as a chore, but what if it was fun?

And imagine if that gamification automatically enabled the development of your plan in the background? And imagine that as a business owner what you might uncover and discover about you and your business while playing the Bizezi app gamification tool?

This exploration of the business model through gamification is akin to working ‘on’ the business and not ‘in’ the business. Having this aerial view of a business can be so enlightening for an entrepreneur. Getting your head out of the business game is so important for the business owner.

Because within the gamification process is another critical element: validation.

Often the entrepreneur will be so wedded to their idea that they miss the point of checking their assumptions.

  • Is the value proposition in sync with the assumed or identified customer segments for example?
  • How does that relate to revenue?

The end result is a methodology that can expose real business gems and also help identify potential business risks.

The impact of a validated business plan is a powerful value-add in the eyes of the lender or investor. It adds credibility and further supports the investor or banks decision process.

The Bizezi app gamifies the front end of the business plan. It is at this stage that the business owner can have a helicopter perspective and then, with the automation processes within the Bizezi app, build the business owners business plan. Yet the Bizezi app still allows the business owner to put your own ‘spin’ on your business plan.

So, imagine if writing a business plan was not only easier, it was FUN!

That’s the promise of the Bizezi app.