As an entrepreneur I like that others in the ‘ideas-to-reality-game’ are solving a problem others have.

Often, we might not see the downstream impact of solving the problem… and then, every now and then, we get a pat on the back. It makes the long days, the dreaming, the random activities involved in business building seem all worthwhile.

 What follows is an email thank you that became a ‘guest blog’ and is one of those ripples…

To many entrepreneurs, the blog that follows will resonate I am sure.

Starting a business can be daunting, but often it is the small things we sometimes have to create that can be frustrating and disheartening as we continually step into the unknown business future.

Jess wrote:

I am someone with ideas. Ideas that never go anywhere because the first step overwhelms me.

Step One: Make a validated business plan. (wtf?). How? Soooooooo much to learn! Where do I start?

I didn’t study business; I am not a “business person” with project management skills or experience starting a business from scratch. I have never had to present a business plan to an investor or bank. What does a business plan even look like? People will think I’m a foooool! I should just leave it to the “business peoples”.

I have tried just starting and seeing what happens, over and over and over… I have made a lot of mistakes - as ya do! Because “you don’t know what you don’t know” right?

Mistakes have resulted in time wasted, money wasted, motivation lost, projects put aside till a later date (never to be seen again). Of course, lots learnt that I am grateful for… but also lots of disheartening moments and zero progress with any business ideas.

Today Tony from Bizezi took me through the Bizezi App Process, it took me 2 hours to design a business model which has also produced a template of understandable tasks for me to complete to validate my business.

I now have a clear plan, focuses and very soon I will have a validated business plan. This feels AMAZING! I wish I had this tool 3 years ago… all of the unknowns I have now been made aware of and have even completed 😎.

I believe knowledge combats fear. The knowledge I have gained and progress made from the Bizezi platform has left me feeling FEARLESS moving forward with my business idea.

Thank you Bizezi team, I now know my idea can be a successful business and I will be moving forward with full confidence to investors, suppliers, partners, customers…

I know that Bizezi will help many entrepreneurs begin their journey the right way.


Irrespective of the Bizezi App and the problem we are looking to solve, we want this ‘guest blog’ to be an encouragement to entrepreneurs out there who have a customer problem you are trying to solve, the difference you are wanting to make.

You too will have ripples from your work. The acknowledgement is that you are daring to perhaps do the impossible.

Hang in there, take the small wins and enjoy the journey.