One of the reasons we built Bizezi was to enable individuals and teams everywhere to test and validate business ideas.

It was important to strip away as much of the complex as we could and to simplify the understanding of business. In saying that, we also want to say that for a new business owner, the entrepreneur; business is a rollercoaster and you have to be prepared for that.

There was nothing like Bizezi when I was younger and dreaming about business.

In Part 1 of this blog we discussed that In times of uncertainty, there is no better time to plan…

So here is the challenge. Let’s spend the next 90 days building a business from scratch… or taking an existing business and figure out how we can do something different to restore, rebuild or adapt the business into a revenue earner in a changed marketplace.

And we want to do this globally. In Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas (North & South), South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia… let’s build each other up and enable a stronger economies because we acted to build a business for an unknown future in an uncertain time.

 And so, the 90 Day Business Challenge was born.

Here’s the way to make that happen:

  1. Go to 90 Day Business Challenge page and register.
  2. Work on your business idea. Remember: it’s a big wide world and every business idea is not necessarily new. Ask Richard Branson who built an airline when other airlines existed.
  3. Bizezi will help you to track your progress. There are guides and help videos for you to look at, every step of the way.

You may be wondering who you are competing against… drum roll please…Yourself. Yes, you are your greatest opponent. In this challenge there is only one contestant – You! Along the way you will learn more about your business or business idea and you will learn about yourself. Along the way your entrepreneurial spirit will ‘kick-in’ as you navigate and learn more about being in business.

Business is a roller-coaster, make no mistake, but for those who invest time in validating their business idea, there are storms they may encounter and survive, because they have assessed the business and its risks more deeply.

In Part 1 we talked about something you already know… at some point the market will turn, economies will bounce, employers will be looking for employees, yes… the market will turn and the great question is: “will you be ready?”. Bizezi is all about ‘getting ready’, it is all about being prepared.

BTW… like you, we are in Lockdown to and so this is happening real time for you and for us. In Let the Game Begin! business, if there is one great lesson we can pass on… take imperfect action… waiting for the perfect time or the perfect website or the perfect product or service is a long journey that may never get started!

Finally, a closing thought on how are you going to utilise your business idea to make a difference? Yes, your business idea could lift others up. In an unprecedented time like we are in now, we can do more. As an example, at Bizezi we have partnered with Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). 10% of whatever we earn goes to this awesome charity.

Be safe. Stay at home. Save Lives.