It was a journey indeed. Watching a movie called ‘The 3 Idiots’; an Indian Bollywood movie with sub-titles that was an unexpected delight. It was a chance encounter with something special and an encounter with ‘thinking outside the square’, friendship and so much more.

In the middle of this classy movie were gems of insight… and this blog is about one of those.

Follow excellence and success will chase you!

In business, there is a need for quality. Quality in product, in service, in human interaction, in content, in brand, in conversation…

It all starts though with imagination. Like dust motes in the cinema light drifting aimlessly, invisible and yet… there they are. Business start-ups can be like that. A will-o-the-wisp idea, a fragment of moment in time and there it is… a yet to be realised dream of a business.

Follow excellence and success will chase you!

Interestingly… we will go to a café and at the moment of poor service or God forbid, bad coffee, we let our feet do the talking and the business owner, their team and the next customer have no idea that you could have made a difference by gently giving some feedback. The quest for excellence is littered with feedback we sometimes ignore and other times smacks us in the chops and we are forced to pay attention.

Striving for excellence in business is a choice and the choice must be for the right reasons. The choice must come from a baseline of love for your customer and creating a customer delight that exceeds their expectations… not because you have to… rather because it is not an option for a business that wants to thrive.

The truth is, to build a business that can grow by word of mouth takes effort, energy and commitment to create an environment of service to the customer. Putting the customer first, wearing their shoes is the maxim for understanding your customer. Having a target customer arrive at your doorstep and then have them disappointed is not playing the game. You the business owner have to make each visit memorable – no choice.

In any market, to differentiate from your competition means identifying through your business model and your value proposition the difference you can make through the quality of your business delivery… and then you have to do it again and again and again.

Striving for excellence is a journey and with a fair wind and a consistent approach you will pick up customers and they will join your entrepreneurial journey. Just maybe, if you delight enough, they will trumpet your praises and be ambassadors for you and your brand.

And then, just maybe, you will look over your shoulder and get a glimpse of success trying to catch-up.

Remember… follow excellence and success will chase you!

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